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” Odyssee “

One day when the urge to start creating this (quasi) debut album became too strong to suppress, something profound occurred to me. The mere existence of music, with its unrivaled ability to point toward hope, meaning and redemption even in the darkest of times suddenly seemed reason enough to make even the most cynical person ponder upon the reason of our existence. What if music betrayed a genuine hope and purpose for mankind in stead of an illusory one in an otherwise gloomy universe? If so, music might actually be telling us a cosmic love story reminiscent of the one contained in the world’s most famous collection of ancient writings. Furthermore if I was created with the ability and desire to create, all credits of my music would belong to the initial Creator who actually proved Himself determined to redeem this world by becoming our living hope in an ultimate act of love. When this chain of thought crystallized it unintendedly removed a burden to hunger for acclaim and instead trust in the One who was able to create T-Rexes, trees and tenor sax players. The making of this album seemed destined to become a true Odyssey away from the shores of cynicism, fear and indifference in search of the narrative of hope we al long for and which route, like nothing else, music seems to be able to guide.

Paul van der Feen















  • Paul van der Feen                Piano, Wurlitzer, Clarinet and Saxes.
  • Clemens van der Feen        E Bass and Double Bass
  • Anton Goudsmit                  Guitar
  • Roy Dackus                         Drums





Non exhaustive Discography

Metropole Orchestra/Bigband

2014 Snarky Puppy w Metropole Orchestra (Not released yet)

2014 Robert Glasper X with Metropole Orchestra (To be released on Blue Note)

2014 Laura Mvula Sing to the Moon

2013 Gregory Porter live

2013 Sabrina Stark (Blue Note)

2012 Al Jarreau and the Metropole Orchestra Grammy nomination

2012 Tribute to Charles Mingus/ Better get hit in the soul

2011 Alain Clark/Live with the Metropole Orchestra

2011 Edu Lobo and the Metropole Orchestra

2010 John Scofield/54 Grammy Award 

2010 Ruth Jacott/Billy Holiday tribute

2009 Stef Bos/ In een ander licht

2009 Ivan Lins and the Metropole Orchestra Latin Grammy Award

2009 Velu Halkosalmi/ Solo flight

2009 Metropole Orchestra w Vince Medoza Joe Zawinul Tribute Fast city

2008 Jim Beard/ Revolutions

2008 Barry Hay/ The big band theory

2007 Peter en de Wolf/Prokofiev w Gunther Schuller

2006 Marco C de Bruin/ La vie est belle

2005 Elvis Costello/ My flame burns blue

Paul van der feen

2016 Inception feat Alex Sipiagin (Vinyl)

2013 Odyssee

2006 Dances

2005 Vanderfeen Kwartet

2005 Live at the Beetle

Clemens van der Feen Band

2013 14PM

2011 High Places


2005 Conversations w Paula Morelenbaum

1995 Free

Jeroen Vrolijk

2010 New Morning NY w Oz Noy

Clazz Ensemble

2010 Frederico on broadway

2011 Delta suite

Jula Aimee

2011 Let go

Konstantin Ruchadze

2011 Upstream Hermit

2010 Around the world in space and time

2009 The Hymn forever

Seven Eleven


Live in Paris